Film Fills for Cooling Tower (ACS)

ACS Film Fills are the most efficient filling media available for cooling towers. The usage of film fills — in both counter flow and cross flow cooling towers allows relatively smaller sized towers to cool an equivalent amount of water compared to cooling towers using splash fills. This results in the saving of not only capital costs for a new tower but also reduces operational costs on account of lower height and hence lower pumping costs.

ACS Film Fills work on the principle of offering heat exchange by spreading the falling water droplets into a thin molecular film where the air can effectively contact the entire surface of the water film to carry away heat and mass.

CDIPL offers a wide range of film fill products for cooling applications. Over the past few decades these fills have been successfully deployed in various Industries including power, petrochemical, refining, paper, chemical, steel, fertilizer and others.

Optimally designed to achieve high surface area for given volume, AMARTAL (ACS) cross corrugated PVC Fills are made by continuous forming and offer minimum resistance to airflow, providing more cooling at lower power consumption. The continuous forming process has a significant advantage over conventional vacuum forming process — uniform thickness.

Durable folded edges provide strength at load bearing points on the fill.

AS a result of deeper forming, the microstructure on both top and bottom surface of the formed fill sheet is enhanced. Furthermore the microstructure extends deep into the trough of the fill sheet. This not only gives higher wetted surface area but also creates distinct area of the fill sheet for better glue application resulting stronger fill modules as compared to other fill media that have 'rounded' crests and troughs.

The microstructure of the ACS Fill range of fills is horizontal, thus not allowing any water to channel through to the bottom of the flutes. In most other fills the microstructure is perpendicular to direction of flutes. This unique feature causes better mixing of air and water and results in higher cooling efficiency on account of better water travel paths.

AMARTAL (ACS) is one of the few fill manufacturing companies in the world that can boast of their own calendering system for production of sheets and in-house testing laboratory. This backward integration ensures that ACSPL plastic engineers are in complete control of the quality of sheets being used to manufacture the fill. All PVC film fills manufactured by ACSPL meets or exceeds the requirements specified by CTI- STD 136.